A Linux/PPC Page

last update: 14-Oct-2001
Stefan Jeglinski


Q: What is this page?

This page is a roadmap or history or trail of tears (or whatever you want to call it) of my story of installing Linux on a variety of Apple Macintosh computers, including the PowerMac 6500, the PowerMac 9500-class machine (including Power Computing), and the G4. It serves to document it nicely when I have to do it again.

Q: To what does it pertain?

These pages recount aspects of using LinuxPPC R5, aka LinuxPPC Q3, aka LinuxPPC 1999, YellowDog Champion 1.2.x, and LinuxPPC 2000 Q4. These pages used to be a mix of the LinuxPPC Release 4 distribution and MkLinux DR3. Operationally, since Linux/PPC and MkLinux are binary compatible, much of this information should apply to both; the few MkLinux pages (and the R4 pages!) that had been created have been retained, albeit somewhat buried.

Q: Why are your descriptions so terse?

A degree of competence on the part of the user is assumed. There are no explanations of how to use a Macintosh. Don't ask me how to use your computer; there are plenty of other forums out there for that. Competence in recognizing various computer hardware and its uses and descriptions is also assumed.

Q: Can I e-mail you for help?

If you ask me Linux questions, I will try to answer (but don't hope for too much, I know a lot about a few things and nothing about most things). OTOH, if you ask questions like "how do I change directories?" I will probably not answer - go to your local Book SuperStore and check the shelf under Computers, L.

Q: Why are these pages so disorganized?

It's a hobby page. Feel free to e-mail me with suggestions, corrections, and especially tutorials on how to do stuff "better" or "correctly" in Linux.

Q: Will this help me install Linux on my XYZ machine?

I don't know. If you have machines like mine these pages should help you a lot. Many of the principles and directions will apply to other machines, but you may run into quirks due to your particular hardware. Even the occasional Intel/Linux user may find some help.

Q: How accurate is all this information?

As you might expect, I make no warranty as to the accuracy of any statements in these pages. If you use the information here, you do so at your own risk.

Q: Are you going to put any of this on the FoM?

I originally intended to. At one time I had my password or whatever it is. I may contribute someday.

Q: Why do these pages look like a Christmas tree at night?

1: I'm colorblind?

2: I got an F in web design?

3: I took lessons from JH Cholera (see 2)!

4: As a general rule, yellow is used to highlight precise command syntax or important filenames or related items.