Partitioning the stock 6500 IDE drive
with FWB ToolKit 2.5.2

Stefan Jeglinski

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Note: You cannot perform this from your boot drive on your boot drive.
One alternative is to boot and run FWB from an external SCSI.

Launch FWB and view by device:

fwbpic1 The boot drive is
an external SCSI.

The target
drive is

Select Auto Initialize:

fwbpic2 Quick format should
be more than acceptable.

The requisite warning window. Be sure.


What you get when you are done:


Look at the partitions (select View Partitions from the Devices Menu):

view partitions Result is below.

fwbpic5 FWB has automatically
created as many partitions
as it needs to fill the disk
up and still meet the
under-2Gig limit specified

Note there is a bit of
free space left over.

Delete the 2 Apple_HFS partitions:

fwbpic6 All of the usable disk
space is now free space.

Create a 250 Meg root partition (select Create New Volume... from the Devices Menu):

create new volume Result is below.


Create a 128 Meg swap partition:


Create a 2 Gig usr partition:


When trying to create a partition larger than 2 Gig, you get this message:

fwbpic10 Hit OK

Review your work:


Use the remaining space to create a Mac volume.
This is required only if you want to install and boot MacOS from this drive.

fwbpic12 Install MacOS
on this volume.

The final result: