PPP via kppp

Stefan Jeglinski

setting up kppp

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All configurations here are described for the root superuser. There are good reasons for not doing everything as root; however, it is especially important here, because the ppp daemon must run as a root process.

lan compatibility

It appears that trying to configure a LAN over ethernet may totally screw up the ability to get ppp to work via a straightforward configuration of kppp. This procedure may work only when the networking setup is initially a virgin blank. Future pages will explore how to configure so ppp and ethernet connections to the internet can coexist peacefully. The use of ezppp did not help this situation.

port speed

kppp has a setting for the serial port speed. The 6500 serial port can run at 115200 bits per sec. At boot into the console or from an xterm, the command stty returns the serial port speed. From the console it is reported as 38600, while from an xterm it appears to be set to a default value of 9600. Reset this with the command stty 115200 > /dev/cua0. If desired, set it at boot time by adding the given command line to /etc/rc.d/rc.serial. I'm not sure this procedure works; note however that kppp is supposed to set the serial port speed to begin with, so this step should not be necessary unless you run ppp by hand.

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