Drive Partitioning

Stefan Jeglinski

My original R4 pages contain most of what you need to know to partition a drive for Linux. The version of Drive Setup supplied with OS9 is designed to accomodate Linux and can be used if its defaults are acceptable.

In order to boot Linux on a Mac box, some kind of MacOS partition is required. For NewWorld machines (any colored Mac) a method using yaboot is necessary, with a small (albeit "fake") MacOS partition. OldWorld machines (beige G3s and earlier, including the 6500-class or 9500-class machines) can use BootX (an easier approach, especially if the MacOS is still an important component of the computing enviroment). It may be prudent to have a MacOS partition (HFS, not HFS+) that can be mounted in Linux, for file transfer. Finally, if Mac-On-Linux is being installed, a separate partition for it and its install of MacOS, although not 100% necessary, is helpful.

original R4 pages

OS9 Drive Setup

FWB HardDisk ToolKit 3.0.2